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Family is the core of the society in which we live and is appreciated when marriage is sustainable. But what do we do when unity becomes unbearable, and family dissolution ends with the dissolution of marriage?However, in the vast majority of cases one of the two members or is against divorce or does not want to give up the children or does not agree to share the assets accumulated during marriage - and what do we do then?

If you've come across a problematic divorce - there are a few key points that you should know:

The legislation in force regulates two ways of selling marriage:

  • The first is the dissolution of marriage by the civil status organ.
  • Wives can only be understood as regards divorce by agreement if there are no common children or children of both of them and if there is no misunderstanding about the agonized property in common.

The second - by court

Removal of marriage in court will take place when they are minor children, one of the spouses does not agree to divorce, or both of them agree to divorce, one of them avoids going to CSOs. You need to  have the divorce lawyers questions for the best understanding for the same.

Another important issue when talking about marriage where children are minors is establishing their children's home.

If the parents live separately and the child has not reached the age of 14, the decision is made by the parents by mutual agreement and if they cannot reach a compromise - the court will decide which will ask for the opinion of the Commission for the Protection of Children's Rights. you make sure you have good conditions for it to grow - a spacious building, a flexible work schedule or income that will provide you with the opportunity to take care of the child, even if it is the money raised in common with the other spouse or from him / she was divorced. From the age of 10, the minor child's opinion will also be taken into account.

In the absence of the wife's consent, the husband cannot demand the divorce of marriage during her pregnancy and for one year after the birth of the child if she is alive and lives.

The child is entitled to both parents even if they are divorced

Likewise, parents have common and equal rights and obligations for this reason, the parent opposite to the one who received the children at home will have the right to set a schedule for meetings.

  • Sharing wealth, or dividing what we have agonized together. Goods aged during marriage shall be divided equally if they were not acquired free of charge (inheritance, donation) or if they are not personal property except jewelry.
  • The court may change the shares of the spouses according to the interests of one of their spouses or their children.
  • Concluding the matrimonial contract even during marriage to its end relieves you of a lengthy and unpleasant judicial process.

Importantly, once it has become clear that the family cannot be kept and you no longer have a common household with your husband - it is advisable not to delay your divorce given that for the loans contracted by one of the spouses, they will both answer equally and it will be a long way to prove that the borrower was contracted in the family's interest.

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