Complaint about Abuse of Weakness: 3 Cases of Jurisprudence

Abuse of weakness is an offense involving the abuse of a person's weak condition. In this case, a third party or a loved one will come to take advantage of the state of weakness of his victim. This profit will be illegal. Unfortunately, the abuse of weakness is common and happens in all realm of society. Several different situations make it possible to set it up. We can, therefore, speak of abuse of weakness in a legitimate relationship with a professional or not.

How to File a Protest for Molestation of Weakness

Like any offense, the abuse of weakness must be denounced. It must be executed to discipline the author of the abuse, but also to prevent new victims of similar wrongdoer appear. To do that, you should go to a judge to make a complaint. You should be accompanied by a lawyer and a stenographer from a reputable court reporter firms. Ideally, you will need an attorney or lawyer, who perfectly specializes in the subject. The latter will have to sufficiently characterize the state of vulnerability in which the victim of the abuse of weakness was.

The Keys to the Success/Victory of the Action

A lawsuit for molestation of weakness in law can arise in two different cases. First, it will be possible for an act against the proctor to be conducted during the existence of the person. For this, he should act in compliance with the restriction period provided in the Cipher of Criminal Processes. This limitation period has been changed to six years from the day the offense is committed. This, since a law of February 27, 2017. It will be necessary that the victim of the abuse or his entourage quickly become aware of being able to act. But this is rare in the testamentary setting.

The Complaint Procedure

To lodge a complaint about abuse of weakness should be made before the civil judge or the criminal judge, all the actions has its particularity. These will be detailed here. In civil law, it is possible to base one's action on the defects of consent when there has been artifice, physical or moral violence.

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