Entrance Ticket to Mount Bromo

Cost for the entry ticket to Mount Bromo East Java or entry fee to Mt. Bromo is always in talking by foreign tourists, therefore we will give advice about the latest Bromo ticket prices. For people who are tourists both domestic and overseas tourists, the province of East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has many beautiful attractions. That makes a whole lot of tourists want to spend their holiday on a trip to this province.

Among the attractions in the province of East Java, which brings most tourists is the tourist attraction of Mount Bromo. Because in that place we will be treated with very peculiar nature, a charming panorama, and uniqueness Bromo Tengger people.

Mount Bromo East Java is indeed among the Famous attractions not only in Indonesia but also to the entire world. Lots of tourists out of the world who visit every year to the place. The evolution from year to year consistently experienced an increase in the number of tourists that visit.

Many things make them want to Watch Mount Bromo, among which is Mount Bromo gifts the beauty of the rising sun on Mount Penanjakan afterward Bromo crater, moreover, a location that is not less intriguing is the beauty of grassland savanna and whispering sand.

Aside from that, you can enjoy the fantastic Natural scenery, those visiting Mount Bromo will also be able to feel the joy of others. They can ride horses to be invited to tour the surrounding attractions of Mount Bromo or utilize the Jeep to explore all the attractions in Bromo.

During the expedition process, tourists will Experience exhaustion; however, even though it will be repaid with an incredible landscape. The customs, which are still held firm from the people Tengger Bromo tribe, now has become a unique attraction for vacationers.

Lots of tourists in the weekend will usually visit mount Bromo tourist area. Surely there will be a spike of vacationers. Many things that you have to prepare to visit as much as you can. Especially we have to know in addition to possible about the purchase price of entrance to the place. Since this will be closely associated with the budget supply, we have.

The price for entrance ticket to Mount Bromo turned out to be different, almost the same as the entry ticket to Mount Semeru isn't the same for domestic tourists and overseas tourists. For domestic tourists, the entrance cost has increased per May 2015 into IDR 27,500 from the original cost of IDR10,000. Price IDR 217,000 must be compensated by tourists from overseas per May 2015 if you would like to visit Mount Bromo. You may experience an increase from the first price of IDR 57,000, and it will differ again if it comes at a weekend or holiday. Domestic tourists must pay an entry fee of IDR 32,500, and while for tourists from overseas will have to pay for IDR 317,500.

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