How Judicial Bail Works in Criminal Matters in Some Countries

Unfortunately, there is a high crime rate in countries. Therefore, the prisons are saturated, both criminals who actually committed a crime, and innocent people who unfortunately were convicted, but this can only define and decide the authority based on the law. The California Appeal Bond can also help you make the most appeal for your case.

The laws granting rights to persons accused of a crime is known as criminal bonds.

The criminal bonds that can be granted are the following:

Criminal Bail of Provisional Freedom:

The criminal bail states that the benefit of the criminal bail can be obtained as long as the offence committed does not exceed 5 years; the criminal bail will be valid until there is a resolution by an executory sentence. This guarantees the non-theft of the justice inmate, the payment of compensation for the damage, as well as the possible fines that may be generated by them.

Conditional Sentence Bond:

The bail of conditional condemnation is given when the inmate is already in jail or prison and for good behaviour the benefit is granted so that they can compare their sentences out of jail, for this they must previously present the bail that ensures that the person does not evade the action of justice and also guarantees the repair of the damage caused. In order to enjoy this, benefit the sentenced person must:

  • grant a bond
  • be forced to reside in a certain place, from which he cannot be absent.
  • repair the damage caused.
  • that the sentence does not exceed 2 years in prison.
  • abstain from intoxicating beverages and the use of narcotics.
  • not to take part in any other crime.
  • The bail that is granted will have a validity of 3 and a half years.

Preparatory Freedom:

This benefit is granted to sentenced persons who have comparison in prison three-fifths of their sentence, in the case of intentional crimes, or half of it in the case of imprudently crimes, provided that the convicted person provides sufficient security to guarantee the reparation of the harm if you have not done so, as well as not stopping the action of justice.

The prisoner must also meet the following requirements:

  • that the inmate does not repeat the crime
  • that he has repaired the damage or is obliged to repair it
  • reside in the place determined to him
  • perform some honest way of working
  • refrain from alcoholic beverages.

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