How to file a case against an employer in UAE

To file a case in UAE, there is a proper time limit. If you file the case in that time limit, you will be assisted otherwise no. if you hire the labour lawyers in UAE from top labour law firms in Dubai within the specified time limit, you will be able to get whatever you want if you are on the right side according to the UAE labour law.

Outstanding Amounts

If your employer dismissed you without any notice and without any reason and doesn't even pay you, he must be held responsible for that. for this, you must take an action against him before it is too late. UAE labour law consultants can help you or filing the case against your employer. Also, Labour lawyers in Dubai will give you the best labour law advice which will help you in taking a step against your employer.

You must make sure that you do not sign any paper from the employer’s side without getting all of the payments you deserve along with the end of service benefits. All of the employees deserve to get the end of service benefits if they get terminated.

If the employee faces anything that is not happening to him regarding the UAE labour law, he should consult the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization as soon as possible. This is because if he deserves a thing but he is not granted that thing, he must speak for it and if he doesn't speak for it on time, it will get too late for him to handle the things properly. Contact Labour law

Period of 1 year

If the employee has to file a case against the employer or if an employer has to file a case against the employee, he must file the case in the period of only one year.  If the employees claim that they have not granted any benefit that was mentioned in the contract or if the contract didn’t have the right details according to the labour law in UAE, they must file a case against their employers or get advice from Labour lawyers in Abu Dhabi.

know the Labour Laws IN UAE

if any employee claims that he was not granted the beneficiaries he deserved at the end of his arbitrary terminating, he must submit a request to the department of labour.

What will the department of labour due to the employee and the employer?

The department will basically summon both of the concerned parties. also, the department will take the best decision for both of the parties. the department will make sure that the dispute gets settled as soon as possible. Whoever is responsible for the mistake will be held responsible for it and will have to fix the things as well. So, it is better to give the rights of the employees to them on time so you do not have to face the consequences hereafter. Top Dubai lawyers will help for any labour issue.

After 3 days of getting the request, both of the concerned parties will be notified. Both of the parties will get a chance to explain themselves and a decision is taken on their behalf by the court or the department concerned.

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