How to Respond to a Wrongful Termination

Most companies understand the value of treating their employees with dignity and respect. Others do not. They allow discrimination to run rampant in their organizations and employees to be systematically abused and mistreated. If you have been fired from your job owing to some prejudice against you, the first thing you should do is contact a Connecticut Wrongful Termination Lawyer.

Your Rights

Although America has one of the most open, flexible, and liberalized workplaces in the world, employers cannot treat employees any way they want. Workers have rights. They cannot be abused, humiliated, and fired based on the whim of a boss. It is important to keep this in mind as you deal with the emotional and financial impact of being terminated from your job for no good reason.

Types of Wrongful Termination

Federal and state law prohibit the termination of anyone for any of the following reasons:

  1. Race

You cannot be fired from your job because of your race. To be sure, your employer is unlikely to tell you directly that you are being fired because you are black, Latina, or Asian. Other hints, quips, and inappropriate language and reasonings are used. If you have been told that you are being fired because your treatment of a customer was too “ghetto” or you notice that your employer refers to all the Latinos who work in the office as lazy, then you may have good grounds for filing a claim against the company.

  1. Gender

You cannot be terminated because of your gender. If you have been passed over for promotion or told you are being laid off because you are not up to the job, you have a reason to be suspicious. If a little investigation reveals that most of the men in the company are given many more opportunities for advancement than the women, then you should file a lawsuit.

  1. Age

No one can be fired for being over a certain age. As long as you can still do the job, you have every right to work. Age discrimination is on the rise and should be fought against.

  1. Retaliation

This takes many forms. If you were fired because you blew the whistle on someone engaged in theft, fraud, or misconduct, then you have a good reason to sue. If you are a woman who has rebuffed the repeated sexual advances of your boss, they cannot then fire you for it. You are also protected if you reported such misconduct to the higher ups.

  1. Religion

You cannot be passed over for promotion or fired from your job because of your religion. If you notice that your boss mentors or gives advantages to only to people who share his religious beliefs, then you should file a suit.

Getting Justice

You should not have to put up with mistreatment at work. You should not have your humanity called into question in the workplace. A lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need to get justice.

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