Trucking Company Negligence Causes More Crashes Than You Might Think…

When an accident takes place involving a lorry, the blame is most of the time given to the driver of the truck. Sometimes, this blame is unfairly given to the trucker, but other times, it is well deserved. Sometimes the crash is due to the company that owns the truck failing to adhere to strict and well-known and understood regulations. It is the company’s responsibility and duty to ensure that the driver is sent out in a safe truck. If the trucking company fails to take measures to ensure this, they will be held responsible for the consequences, according to renowned Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner.

It is important for the company to take measures to review the logbooks filed by each driver. This ensures they are qualified to drive the lorry in the first place and they are not driving more than the regulations allow.

When the driver completes a driving shift, they usually need to fill out a driver’s daily vehicle inspection report. In this report, the driver needs to carefully note down any defects that form part of this lorry. When the report is submitted, the lorry company needs to act on any defects reported to ensure that the lorry is safe to drive for the next delivery.

The rules state that “no person shall aid, abet, encourage, or require a motor carrier or its employees to violate the rules.” This is a statement which is normally included in litigation documents when an accident like this occurs. If the company decides to allow a driver to violate the hours of service regulations, as they need a load delivered, they are breaking the law and will be held responsible.

To uncover and identify any violations of this rule, a full independent investigation needs to take place to find out what rule has been broken, if any.

The investigation will place a lot of focus on identifying if there are any falsified logbooks, as well as taking a close look at the driver’s qualifications. Please visit for getting Used Peugeot 108 in Reading

You would be surprised at the length lorry companies take to cover up these infractions. This is why we would recommend that you enlist the help of a truck accident attorney, such as Greg Baumgartner, if you have been a victim of a lorry accident.

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