What to Expect from Visiting Mount Bromo in Indonesia

Looking down to the crater of an active volcano is an exciting experience But, Mount Bromo in Indonesia is considerably more than that. I have not been a volcano nerd. In reality, before visiting Central America, I had never really considered the potential of hiking a volcano. I was more of a lazy tourist: I would rent a villa from yourkohsamuvillas.com and just spend all day sipping drinkings on a beach or taking it easy next to a pool. For whatever reason more adventurous me has woken up recently and when the news of the eruption of Etna and Stromboli in Sicily, reached me I was keen to enjoy it from up close.

Then I traveled to Central America, and volcanoes became part of my everyday life. Back in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, I woke up to the spectacular view of 4 volcanoes, and every Night I'd see the clouds gather around their crater, together with a lightening show that was fascinating to observe. Back in Antigua, Guatemala, I really could watch Volcano Fuego throwing smoke every hour approximately. Other travelers I had met in Guatemala mentioned they'd was on a volcano hike, with the simple actuality That volcanoes were readily available convinced me I no longer had an excuse not to hike one.

That's the way I went on my first volcano hike, on Pacaya. To read about my experience in an active volcano, read my article what to expect when trekking Volcano Pacaya, Guatemala. Lastly, I moved from Guatemala to travel further south. Driving through El Salvador on my approach to Nicaragua, I stared from the window, fascinated by the enormous mountains which climbed into the center of nowhere. Nevertheless, it was only when I realized Nicaragua that, once again, volcanoes became an everyday reality. After the incredible adventure on Pacaya, I had resolved to go on more volcano lifts, and Nicaragua was perfect because of this.

But when I asked about the volcano lifts. I was told I really could go volcano dressing on one of them. I had little notion of what that indicated, however, sounded adventurous enough for me. It turned out to be an exciting experience. To read about my expertise On Cerro Negro, take a look at my article what to expect when a volcano is dressing on Cerro Negro, Nicaragua. With any of those incredible assumptions, it's easy to see why I am always keen to climb more volcanoes. Imagine then my enthusiasm when I got an invitation to visit Indonesia and later on realized that the country is packed with volcanoes, which not only I'd be seeing some, but I'd also be trekking one. I'd be going on a tour of Mount Bromo.

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