Wrong-Way Drivers are Responsible!Wrong-Way Drivers are Responsible!

Wrong way driving is a serious issue that’s known to cause crashes between multiple cars. Not all drivers are created equal and in some cases, the driver is unfamiliar with the area they’re driving in. Some cities have invested in a large number of “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs, even thermal camera systems. In some cases, the wrong way driving is caught on camera, making it easier for authorities to determine who is going against the flow of traffic. Some cities have taken safety precautions and built lights into the infrastructure of the road to let them know when they’re going the wrong way. This system which was enabled in North Carolina also notifies authorities in the event the driver does not turn around. However, not all cities have this technology enabled, and wrong way crashes continue to occur.

Unfortunately, fatalities can happen because a driver chooses to keep going the wrong way down a street. Let’s say you’re driving down the street and you suddenly encounter a car that’s driving the wrong way headed straight towards you. What do you do? There are steps you can take if you encounter a wrong way driver. Gradually begin taking your foot off of the gas and try to pull over while making sure there’s no car next to you. Get to a safe area on the road. Call 911 once you’ve avoided the driver and gotten to a safe place. Be very aware of your surroundings and realize that the driver may be impaired. Additionally, you might honk your horn or flash your headlights to help the driver realize they are going the wrong way. No one imagines themselves being in this situation but it does happen from time to time. If you ever find yourself in need of legal assistance because you’ve been affected by a wrong way driver, count on an experienced firm.

Wrong way crashes can be very serious and often involved alcohol. There have been cases where the wrong way driver had a blood alcohol level that is two to four times the legal limit. It’s important to drive defensively since there are irresponsible drivers on the road. Stay vigilant and scan the road ahead rather than just looking directly in front of you. Steer away from the wrong way driver and try to avoid a collision if possible. Your objective should be to call 911 from a safe location while you’re pulled over and seek legal aid if necessary.

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